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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Hazard Pay

You think your job sucks and you feel lazy, wants a raise, a bonus or perhaps quit? Think again.

I am not saying we should play hero and save the world by doing overtime work. But hey, there are other people who goes through a damn lot just to earn a minimum wage of what, Php400 a day?

Take for instance these workers on a gondola suspended around 100 feet from the floor. I am not sure if they were cleaning windows that day which was really dumb considering the weather. Under the heavy rain and gusty winds brought by the typhoon, they had to hold on to dear life to complete their 8-hour duty.

I took this photo from our office window at the 16th floor, just beside the building they were working on. As I watch them continue to work under the unforgiving weather, I wonder if these people get a hazard pay. Actually, I wonder if they are even paid the properly.


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