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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Memor-eats of Singapore

(Today is Singapore's National Day and it's a perfect day to reminisce my wonderful memories of the country)

At the height of my frequent business travel, there was a time when I came to Singapore 6 times over a span of 18 months with an average of 2 weeks on each visit.

Before coming to Singapore, I had a totally different notion of the country, thanks to the much criticized execution of Filipina domestic helper, Flor Contemplacion and the caning of American teenager, Michael Fay for vandalism both in the 90s. I was wary of setting foot in this city state, not that I am an unruly person who loves spitting at sidewalks, but it feels like walking into another Saudi Arabia.

Anyway, I came and the rest they say was history.

It's easy to fall in love with a country like Singapore - a technology driven, culturally diverse, never seem to sleep city where people seem to live only to shop and eat. For someone who went back and forth so many times, one wonders what is still left to explore. Well, actually, sight-seeing may come to an end after going to the usual Merlion, Sentosa, Night Safari, Marina Bay and Universal Studios, but the craving for food just never ends!

Room service lunch at Shangri la Sentosa

Truth to be told, some of my best food finds were in Singapore and my waistline was the shouting evidence of those gastronomic adventures. Exploring the city by filling my tummy was made possible by a very good Singapore-based friend, Jeff, who patiently walked (and ate) with me all weekends of my various stays.

Together we went to fine dining restaurants, specialty cafes, food courts and hawkers stalls, sampling only the best and authentic Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine as well as other international fares.

My favorite Roti Prata - a MUST buy whenever Im in SG

Singapore Chilli Crab at Seafood Kingdom

Baby Back Ribs at Cafe O

And there's the fantastic food at The Ritz Carlton, my home for 6 weeks. I ate my lunch at Greenhouse  Restaurant every single day on week days as I need to hurry back to training and no one would probably believe me, but even the best and most expensive food could turn bland if one eats it for weeks.

So there were nights when I just opted to eat a salad in my room for fear of dying in my sleep due to empacho.

Oh, of course, I need to answer that famous question, How's the room at The Ritz? Hmm. Tough question actually. Well, let's just say I love the old fashioned, yet luxurious look and feel of the room (except for the TV which looked jurassic, albeit an LCD, inside a cabinet) but I must admit I've slept at much better beds and showered in more splendid bathrooms (Hello, Shangri la, hehe).

The selling point of that hotel, however, is their bathtub window which allows guests to unleash their exhibitionist side. Haha.

For my sweet tooth, the cheesecakes at The Hilton were simply unforgettable. Five nights there meant I was able to savour 5 different types of cheesecakes. 

But the best and most wonderful memories of Singapore for me were the days I spent with my family. Yup, there was a trip that was not for business too. It was Eone's first travel overseas and we were more excited than her (maybe she was too young then).

We walked the same streets I've walked in dozens of times, and visited famous landmarks I've see before but since I was with my loved ones, it all seemed like my first time too.

I miss Singapore - it's hustle and bustle, streets filled with tourists, the shops at Orchard Road, the people who speaks good Singlish, and of course the food.

Most of all the food.


Henry said...

I looking on the cheese cake and it doesn't look like a cheese cake but I assume that its delicious because I like the color and presentation. Good job for making a wonderful blog.

BratinelangKikay said...

thanks Henry :)

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