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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yey, I am Turning 18!

I know even if I put a dozen paper weight on my planner's page today, it will only stop the page from turning but the clock will keep on ticking. It's inevitable - I'm turning a year older again. Aaaarrggh!

I can't believe how fast time flies. I can still vividly recall playing with dolls when I was barely 5 and now I have little girl myself. It's unbelievable how swiftly I've transformed from little girl, to teenager, to a woman that I am now. The stubborn little brat my relatives from my Dad's side used to 'hate' turned out to be a pleasant, simple woman much to everyone's surprise. (Yes, let me flatter myself because today is my birthday!)

My birthday cake at the office this morning...

But really, I truly have evolved. Although I still spit fire when I am angry, believe me I have a kind heart, good sense of humor and can even make for a good friend *wink*.

Anyway, before I sell myself too much, someone wants to know what's up for my birthday?

I've celebrated my birthdays in various ways before, usually with parties at home or dinner with friends. I want to make it different this year by doing my Sandwich Project (or Soup Kitchen) and taking a much needed vacation to Boracay (yey, next week na!).

I'd also probably do myself a favor by having a thorough medical check up just to make sure everything is in good working condition inside. This is my first year when certain procedures become mandatory - haha. Let's not enumerate.

Birthday wishes? Nah. I don't have anything material to ask for. I only wish for good health for myself and my family. Believe it or not, I can't think of anything that would make me happier than I already am. I guess I am now at a point when clothes, gadgets or jewelry are the least of my priorities.

Maybe I have finally found inner peace and contentment when I became a mother. Reflecting on it, I have already the best birthday gift.


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