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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Black or White?

After discovering that there are over 120 varieties or Kit Kat flavors, I've been in constant hunt for new flavors that I have never tried before.

Most unusual variants are from Japan and ranges from weird Aloe Vera Kit Kat to the extreme Soy Sauce flavor. It was no surprise that they have produced a Wasabi Kit Kat and I was lucky enough to have tried it.

We were doing our monthly grocery for the office when I chanced upon Kit Kat Dark (in dark chocolate, I guess) and White Kit Kat from Rustan's. Naturally, I grabbed one each as even variants as common as these are not normally available in SM or other supermarkets.

Without even opening and trying them out I was already in favor of the dark one; it is the exact opposite of my vibrant personality (hehe evil grin) but when it comes to chocolates, the darker it is, the more that I like it. I crave for the contrast of sweet and bitter - sometimes too bitter it borders to sour already. Yum. That's exactly how I like my chocolate.

The White Kit Kat is too milky and sweet for my taste which is weird because my tolerance of sweets is relatively high. To better appreciate I ate it while having coffee so there is something bitter to counter the sweetness.

Have a break, have a Kit Kat.

Til my next Kit Kat hunt :)


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