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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Boracay Hurray! : Interesting Photos

Aside from the beach, there are other subjects in Boracay worthy of a click. Here are a few:

1. We were in Boracay for 3 weekdays so there were classes ongoing. We come across these kids walking towards home after school at about lunchtime. The children look very native, probably decendants of the Ati tribe who are first settlers of Boracay.

2. We Pinoys possess a lot of creativity even in naming our businesses. Fine, go Eat My Balls! (but I ain't gonna eat yours haha).

3. Everyone wants a slice of pie from the tourism industry in Boracay so even in the most narrow eskinita (alley), someone will put up a business.

I like how a translation is included in the signage.

4. Meet a typical Korean lady in Boracay. She's all dressed up as if going to a party or the mall. It's crazy how she struggles with her heels sinking into the sand as she walks. The guy in red is a boatman probably offering island hopping services or 'friendship' (someone told us some boatmen are able to date Korean tourists. Oh yeah!).

5. Just when I thought I've seen it all in Aklan through Boracay, I went to a toilet in a restaurant in front of the Kalibo Airport and saw this.

Who are these for? Two amigas who are too engrosed in their gossips and can't separate even for a brief 'break'? Lovers who take the word inseparable to the highest level?

holding hands while pooping?


Anonymous said...

i dont get the logic of the 2 adjacent toilet bowls. hahahah

BratinelangKikay said...

that makes 2 of us! hehe

Unknown said...

friendship never ends even in restrooms! hahaha

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