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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bumped on the Head

My one and a half year old toddler was in a very playful mood on Thursday night. As soon as I got home from work, I asked the nannies if the children have eaten dinner and they happily related to me how much my boy ate with gusto. After I had a quick dinner, I took the kids to our bedroom and prepared them to go to bed.

While I was changing my son crawled under the bed to retrieve a toy. I heard The Hubby called his name to summon him out and shortly after we heard a thud. We immediately checked if he was okay, especially after he came out gently rubbing the back of his head (but didn’t cry). There wasn't any lump or bulge and he looked fine. We then started playing Rio, the cartoon movie they are much fascinated to these days, as form of a pre-bedtime ritual and to settle down the very frisky toddler.

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Around thirty minutes later, just as the boy was dancing while watching the movie, he vomited what seemed to be all of his dinner. It got me a bit worried but thought it may be because he kept moving a lot that night. We turned off the TV, gave him milk and told the nanny to take my son to the other room and put him to sleep. Soon after, he was fast asleep while holding his milk bottle.

I thought we could call it a night but to our dismay, he threw up again. I started asking the nannies what he ate and at what time. My mom then remembered he just bumped his head and vomiting is not a good sign. We decided to take him to the ER. Before we could even dress him up, he threw up again. I drove fast and on the way to Medical City, he asked for milk which he also expelled immediately.

The doctors ordered a CT scan which was promptly done after they sedated my son. The initial results showed a small fracture and the doctor said they saw a 'smear' which could possibly mean a bleeding. My heart sank. I asked the doctors what will happen if there's a bleeding. They said small fractures and bleeding usually resolve on their own but if bleeding persists, he may need an operation to his head. I started to panic and my eyes probably failed to hide it because the ER doctors somewhat comforted me by saying these are unofficial results and the final reading will be done in the morning when the surgeons and specialists arrive.

We were advised for immediate confinement so he can be observed. I went to the Admitting Department and learned that there's no room available. Nevertheless, I submitted my son's name for room allocation and by the look of it we will get a room by 2pm the following day (we're number 41 on the queue and wondered who will get discharged at midnight?). Luck is not on our side that night.

By 4am, my son has not had a decent sleep and has become very irritable. The ER Pedia section was full of children and babies crying loudly. My poor boy, even if he wanted to, couldn't manage to doze off due to the noise. He also kept pointing to the fluorescent lights above saying, "Lights! Lights!" - meaning he wants to have the lights turned off.

The whole situation of being on a full ER waiting for a room all night was surely causing my son more harm than good so I talked the doctors and asked to be released. I decided we'll come back in the morning when my son's pedia is IN and if there's a room already available, we'll have him admitted.

We returned to Medical City at 9am to have my son seen by his pedia. I only had an hour of sleep but as mother, I am not allowed to feel tired or weak. The first thing I did was to check the official CT scan results and they were all normal. I had to lock myself in the ladies' room as I read the report for shame of crying in public.

Thank God fractured skull or head injury has been ruled out.


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