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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Date Shopping

If I were to count all my close friends that are single and unattached to this date, my fingers and toes will not be sufficient. I know they want to strangle me when whenever we meet up or talk I almost instantly would ask if they are seeing someone and immediately wants to play match maker.

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I don't mean to be nosy and I truly understand some people are really meant to live a life of self pampering, independence and freedom from a nagging partner (haha, this isn't how I feel about my married life just to set the record straight) but what is it in a relationship that makes beautiful, intelligent and good people shy away?

A childhood friend once told me she just doesn't know where to find a decent man and so I asked, what is Decent so we can figure out where Decent hangs out or where Decent lives. Then someone suggested she hones the magic of the internet as Decent may be out there somewhere to which I snorted, ‘you mean, just like doing online shopping?’.

Back in the 90s, before internet became a boom and cellular phones are affordable only to the rich and famous, people in the dating arena have pen pals - a courtship process that flourish through snail mail. One writes a love letter, troops to the post office, buys a stamp and off the letter goes to the waiting lover 5 to 10 days later. Patience is a virtue, definitely!

Fast forward to today, the proliferation of social networking sites make it easy to 'meet' someone. Gone are they days when one would have a 'pen pal' (why, my 20 year old cousins doesn't even know its meaning), instead, online dating is the name of the game. As long as one is connected to the internet, one can chat the night away with a person thousand miles from another side of the world. Several websites and online forums also offer personality matching services, tips on getting laid (believe it or not!) and organize dating parties. I've heard a couple of success stories through these methods, although a lot of people still want to play safe and succumb to their doubts and reservations.

The downside of online dating and similar sites is they are now becoming increasingly popular to scumbags who want to snag more than just a date or tips on getting laid. Because as quickly as one is able able to find a date is the same ease of creating a fake account attached with a photo of someone else. Create 10 email addresses and you can have the same number of Twitter and Facebook accounts too!

So just like doing online shopping, finding someone through the internet involves taking a lot of browsing, searching, and caution. Don’t grab the first ‘item’ only because it is on Sale.


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