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Friday, September 23, 2011

Kikay Friday: Fancy Handbag Hooks

Don't you girls hate it when you go to a restaurant or cafe and struggle for a place to put your bag, thus, it ends up on your lap the whole time? Or go to church and have your bag sit on the floor?

I went through that dilemma for a long time until I purchased a handbag hook from CMG. Handbag hooks or purse hangers are very useful accessories for any woman, especially those who strut around carrying a purse all the time.

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For me, aside from being fashionable and chic, it gives me a better sense of security that my bag is hanging very close to me instead of at the back of a chair where it can be easily spotted by pick-pockets or snatchers.

Bag hooks comes in various shapes and designs and prices vary from shop to shop. At CMG, the cheapest is at Php299.


Knowledge Fire said...

I would get a bag like this if they had another color too. Just like a camel brown that would be cute. But all and all I love this bag to pieces :-)
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