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Friday, September 02, 2011

Kikay Friday: Palmer's Olive Butter Formula Lotion

(Kikay Friday: Every girl has a stash of  beauty and skin care products in her closet, bathroom, vanity kit and purse. And me, without trying to live to my nickname, probably have more stash than the usual girl. So every Friday I will share one favorite beauty product or a great beauty find to spread the Kikay goodness to everyone.)

I love anything that has to do with skin moisturizing and lotion being the most popular is top of the list. I think every girl, simple or vain, uses lotion at least once a week. My nannies, even on their meager income, manage to buy a bottle of their favorite brand on a regular basis.

I, being a true blooded Kikay, never go out of stock too and in doing so have built a sizable number of lotions of various brands, varieties and sizes. Call me a lotion junkie if you want but I feel extra pretty (oo maganda ako) when I use them.

On my last trip to Australia where organic products are abundant, of high quality and well promoted, I made sure I load up on all my beauty requisites. Not only it costs less to buy popular and imported beauty products from overseas, the stocks and variants are all there too.

Like my favorite Palmer's Olive Butter Formula Lotion. I've spent hours looking for it in major department stores and supermarket but couldn't find it. It's available from the ever reliable but I have to wait for someone from US to bring the goodies home for me. So thank you so much for the sudden trip to Sydney I was able buy my Palmer's.

Palmer's is a popular and well-loved brand among women who are into healthy skin and is the No.1 Cocoa Butter brand in the world. Palmer's also grew to be the 'first in mind' brand of pregnant women for their pregnancy line of skin care products (breast firming cream, tummy butter, nursing butter etc). 

While I love all of their cocoa butter products, the Olive Butter line of products get my vote all the time. The subtle smell of extra virgin olive oil combined with other organic essences stay on my skin for hours. Aside from that, the lotion is creamy in texture yet non-greasy and immediately moisturizes the skin. From my experience I get the best results when I apply immediately after bathing.

Price idea: Currently at US$9.20 in Amazon, and around AU$9.95 in Australia.


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