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Friday, September 30, 2011

Love at First Bite

To this date there is only one brand of cookies that I'd won't mind paying an arm and a limb for. That's Famous Amos.

Famous Amos started as home-baked cookies meant to be given as gifts to celebrities by Wally Amos, a talent agent. Amos opened his first store in 1975 in Los Angeles and became an instant success.

I was first introduced to this heavenly delicious, crunchy and freshly baked cookies on my first trip to Singapore in 2007. There was a small Famous Amos store in Marina Square near the exit going to Ritz Carlton where I was staying at that time. Although I find the prices expensive than Mrs. Fields, I gave it a try and bought 200g of Double Chocolate Chips with Pecan Nuts cookies.

I took my first bite and there was no turning back. I got hooked, so hooked that I once bought all 8 varieties of cookies and over the wekend ate nothing but Famous Amos.

Over the last couple of years from traveling to SG, I made it a 'habit' to bring home these cookies as pasalubong to Eone who also share the same fondness for the chocolate chip flavor.

Anyway, our good friend, Jeff, came home from SG last week and I was ecstatic that he brought me 2 of my favorites from Singapore. Roti Prata and you guessed it right, Famous Amos. He handed the bag to me with a reminder, 'the cookies are for Eone'. Haha. (fine, I'll share!)

I have found packed Famous Amos cookies in Rustan's once but the taste didn't come close to the freshly-baked ones. So technically,  there are only 2 ways to get my cookie fix and they are through friends who occasionally come home from Singapore (or I go there) and through my in-laws who live in Hong Kong.
Which reminds me, we are going to Hong Kong end of October and I need to make sure we go to The Peak because there is a Famous Amos outlet there.

In  Singapore, cookies-in-bag sells for $9.20 per 200 grams. That's about Php300 for a handful of delicious cookies, but believe me, it's worth the price


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