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Friday, October 28, 2011

MomGyver and Little Cleopatra

One of the skills I never thought I would acquire is the ability to do arts and crafts. Since I was a child, I was never good in Art and the most creative I have ever been was when I put a ruffled skirt over my head and pretended I have long hair. During my school years, the highest grade I ever got in school projects was 85. I struggled in our Home Economics class, barely passed sewing and burned by finger with a glue gun.

But now that I am a mother of three and with a grade-schooler, I find myself 'creating' all sorts of stuff quite often. In fact, over the last 3 years since Eone started schooling, I've made head dresses, various costumes and outfits made of whatnots. I've also learned balloon decorating for my son's first birthday, whipped up e-cards and invitations for their birthdays and many more!

I sometimes look at my work, almost saying in disbelief, "Really? I did this?". In fact, I did say that just now when I inspected Eone's costume for their school's Trashion Show. Their school, in celebration of United Nations' Day and in support for saving mother Earth, came up with this fashion show event where pre-schoolers will model costumes of their chosen country. The costume must be made of recycled materials hence the title.

So I made Eone something to make her look like Cleopatra as she wants to represent Egypt.

I made paper beads from pages of our telephone directory and sewed them on her old swimsuit top. I thought it's going to be pretty easy but I found myself rolling strips of paper in the middle of the night and sewing even while having dinner.

Even if I want to, I just wouldn't be able to finish a skirt made of paper beads so I decided to just make her wear one of my shawls as wrap around skirt. Modern Egypt nalang! For her accessories, I simply twisted copper wires I bought from the hardware and adorned them with old beads I've been keeping in an old jar for many years.

Look at the finished product!

The best consolation was watching my baby confidently walk around the stage, proudly modelling her MomGyver's work.


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