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Friday, October 28, 2011

My Most Awaited Love Letter

I've been waiting for the time to come when my kids have learned to read and write. I've been looking forward to receiving hand-made Mother's Day card or letters from them, especially Eone now that she's already in school.

That momentous day actually have come. I am proud that at age 5, my little girl can now read and write both in Filipino and English, sometimes slow but still it's a great progress.

Last week, she was asking me to help her craft a flag of China for her United Nations Day in school. I told her I want to rest first and we'll do it later. She was unhappy about my procrastination and her 'maldita' side emerged. I kept ignoring her and to my relief, she stopped pestering me.

Few moments later, she handed me a pink folded art paper. Between the folds was a bond paper. She said, "I have a letter for you, Mommy". I got excited and opened immediately.

loosely translated: Mom & Dad, I am getting out of this house!

Should I laugh or cry? Actually, I did the latter (but my mom said I shouldn't). Isn't she sweet, wanting to leave me and her dad a letter before running away? Haha!


pyxxie0703 said...

Tawa ako ng tawa Wheng! I would've mixed emotions too if i were to receive the same letter. Hahaha.

T said...

I chanced upon your post on munting buhangin while looking for a good beach resort in nasugbu. I read your other posts and they're great! Looking forward to more great posts from you.

Unknown said...

oh you are so happy mother! It makes me smile! I suppose essays will be handy for you when your children grow up!

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