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Monday, October 03, 2011

Quiel and Our Itchy Feet

We trooped to Clarkfield, Pampanga last weekend, just after typhoon Quiel left the country with Bulacan and Pampanga submerged into flood water. It was still gloomy with some shots of sunshine here and there, but our itchy feet prevailed.

Like most of our out of town weekend trips, this one was unplanned. We were attending Sunday mass and The Hubby asked what's the activity for the day. I casually said I want to go to Clark and check the duty free malls for Aveeno lotions (yeah, I go that far for a lotion!). To my surprise, The Hubby said we'll go and soon after we dressed the kids, we were traversing NLEX on our way to Pampanga.

We passed through Candaba Viaduct, a 5-kilometer bridge over the Candaba swamps and considered one of the longest bridges in the Philippines. We often refer to the bridge as Itlog-Ebun bridge because it starts in Pulilan, Bulacan where egg is called itlog and ends in Pampanga where egg is referred to as ebun (bird) - you start your journey with an egg and arrive with a bird.

Candaba was one of the flooded towns in Pampanga, and here's what we saw as we passed by the viaduct...

It's something I hate to see, especially I have friends who live in Bulacan. It also reminds me of typhoon Ondoy which also submerged a lot of areas in Metro Manila and Rizal in flood water.

Anyway, we reached Clarkfield after lunch. We went for a short walk inside Mimosa Estate, looking for a place to eat. The Hubby wants to eat at Red Crab but when we got there, we learned it won't be open until 6pm.

My little boy - happy and eager to walk around

seems like we're the only one here...

So we settled at Cafe Mesa, just beside Red Crab. It's the only resto open at that time. We've tried this resto 3 years ago, and more than the food we like the garden better.

My girl posing by the entrance...

We ordered mainly sandwiches and pasta - simple food, a bit expensive at Cafe Mesa but the serving is hefty and the food is actually delish.

We went to El Kabayo after eating in the hope that the kids can go horseback riding. Unfortunately, it started to rain as soon as we parked so despite Eone's plea (and tears), we headed to the duty free shops earlier than expected.

Early means more time to browse. More time means more shopping. Ayayay!


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