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Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Different Christmas

A few days ago before Christmas, one of my friends posted in Facebook how dry she's been feeling about the holiday season. Honestly, I feel the same 'lack of vigor' for the Christmas season. The absence of a family member always bring a tinge of sadness in every occasion, and Christmas being the happiest time of the year especially for Filipinos, makes the longing even stronger. I am again missing my Dad and also my Lola, who both made Christmases extra memorable in their many unique ways.

Also, it was our first time in 10 years since The Hubby and I tied the knot that my parents-in-law didn't make it home for the holidays. My father-in-law is sick and undergoing chemotherapy, thus, traveling overseas is out of the question.

My Darling Sister too, is under tremendous stress due to her very difficult pregnancy and she and husband are literally living by the day, dreadfully awaiting what seem to be the inevitable loss of their third child. We believe and continuously pray for a miracle, after all, being without any amniotic fluid for almost two weeks and the fetus still fights with a strong heartbeat is already a miracle itself.

I also lost a friend three days before Christmas. I was supposed to meet her for cake and coffee on the 22nd and received the bad news that she had passed away on the exact same time we agreed to meet. I was shocked and saddened, especially that she died of a simple, highly treatable urinary track infection. She left three young children, ages 3, 11 and 15.

However, being a mom, I need to shun my negative emotions and focus on the reason for the season. This is the time to be thankful for what we have received throughout the year and the many blessings that we pray to come ahead. The fact that my children are sooo looking forward to Christmas is enough for me to try and make it as memorable for them as possible.

My daughter asked me a couple of weeks ago, "Mommy, why is it that we give gifts during Christmas? Is it someone's birthday?".  The innocence of her question made me smile but reflect at the same time. True, Christmas has become very commercialized these days that we value it more for the presents we receive rather than its meaning - the birth of Jesus, our Savior.

my little ones and their Christmas loots :)

Indeed, this Christmas is an extra ordinary one for our family. It may seem one for the simplest, less festive compared to the previous ones, but still we should not forget that this is not for us adults - it is for Jesus and it is for the children.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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