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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

More Than 'Good Morning!'

I have yet to see a kid who wouldn't go gaga at the sight of a playground. My kids in fact would trade a favorite toy for an hour of playtime at Kids Republic or any play area in malls.

The Hubby and I have been planning on getting a Little Tykes play set for them, but the price, oh the prices are prohibitive! So our plan was to get them a set this Christmas and tell them it's our gift for both of them.

But luck was on our side because when we attended The Hubby's company Christmas Party at the SMEX Convention Center, Toy Kingdom was also holding a grand sale. The moment I saw the sale (there were also a mega sale of shoes, clothes, and bags!) I wanted to leave the party and start my retail therapy.

BFF and I actually sneaked in for a couple of minutes to browse what we can buy and I spotted the outdoor play sets of slides and swings. But because we're in a gathering and we parked the car in another building, I had to delay buying 'til after the party.

And that was a big mistake! At 10pm, all play sets were gone except for the slides which I still grabbed because at 50% discount, it's still a good buy.

The Hubby and I went home at past 1 o'clock in the morning, but we're both excited to see the kids' reaction when they wake up and see the slides so we decided to assemble the set before we hit the bed. And yes, this was suppose to be our Christmas gift but I guess we both have low emotional quotients (EQ) :) :)

When the kids woke up, we asked them to go down immediately and seconds later we heard laughter and sounds of excited feet hurrying up the plastic stairs of the slides and the voices of the nannies reminding them to be careful.

I guess that meant they love the way Daddy and Mommy greeted them "Good Morning!".


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