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Sunday, January 01, 2012

My Most Unforgettable New Year

Dear Daddy,

Someone asked what's my most memorable New Year's eve celebration. It didn't take 10 seconds for me to recall a very unforgettable one when I was just around ten.

It was when you got a bit drunk during the New Year's festivities with relatives, neighbors and friends. You were drinking at home in our garage while waiting for the clock to strike twelve. Occasionally, you and company would light one or two firecrackers and my sisters and I would cover our ears (and eyes) because we were scared of the blast.

I am not sure if that was the holiday before you went to Jeddah but I recall Mommy had just undergone a kidney surgery that same year and was fast recovering. We had a makeshift Christmas tree, made from a real tree. You removed all the leaves, dried it, painted it white and adorned it with ornaments of different shapes, colors and sizes. It was a pretty tree, although different from my friends' display at their home.

As the year turned into a fresh one, everyone shouted 'Happy New Year!' and you, having had a little too much of a drink, took a fountain fireworks and lit it up right in the middle of our living room.

I saw Mommy's face - helpless and scared that the sparks might hit our curtains and start a fire. My sisters and I, quite naive and unsure of what to do, just watched as the fountain burn itself away.  I watched while the colorful sparks hit our sofa cover, our carpet and other furniture. You were laughing, having a blast it seems.

When it was all over, every single thing made of cloth were filled with burnt holes. Amusing at first, but I knew Mommy was so annoyed. I wonder if she got mad at you for that (she probably did).

Honestly, I grimace when I recall that particular scene in that one unforgettable New Year. I thought it was very irresponsible of you to have 'fun' and endanger burning our house down. But after you went to heaven, I miss you so much every New Year that I would rather you light 10 fountains inside our home and see you laugh again the way you did back then.

I miss you Daddy but I know you are celebrating a new life back in the arms of the angels.

Happy New Year!



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