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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I carved your face
onto a surface of a
heart I thought was
A vague treasure
I’ve longed to hold
even for just a scattered

You wander in my thoughts,
rummaging my system
with wicked enchanting smiles,
that resemble silent
incantations of powerful

I saw you in my deepest
only a figure in the dark,
blowing the wind and
casting spells on rustling

A silhouette playing games
in my dreams…

I was browsing through my old stuff in one of my huge transparent plastic boxes in our storage room and accidentally unearthed my stack of old journals - those thick notebooks I converted into diaries. See, before blogging became popular, I was already into 'jotting down' my daily life on paper.

Anyway, there was this notebook filled with essays and poems I wrote as early as 1988. Hey, that was when I was just 13!

There were a lot of things I wrote over the next few years even when blogging has started to emerge. Most of them I dare not show anyone, not even to The Hubby, but all were there filling pages after pages of my journals. There were a few that I couldn't believe I whipped out of nowhere... like the poem above. 


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