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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Big Things Come in BIG Packages

Just when we thought we're about to spend a lazy weekend, we got a call from my Mommy-In-Law to tell us someone is coming home from HongKong and that she'll be sending a package for the kids. It will be Enoe's birthday in a couple of weeks and Eone also requested for a 'reward' for being second honor again in her class last grading period, so the ever doting and generous Lola is sending gifts.

We were told to pick up the package in Makati on Sunday. The Hubby and I were both grinning, chuckling and shaking our heads in disbelief when we saw the 'package'. I wasn't just a package, it was a whole luggage!!

It turned out my mommy in law paid for the whole las excess baggage allowance of her friend just to be able to send her gifts. That's so sweet and thoughful of Mama.

Wanna know what's inside? A scooter (!), toys, clothes and knick knacks.


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