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Friday, February 24, 2012

Kikay Friday: Home Service for My Dying Toes

It's been a while since I last went to a salon and spa. In fact, I could not recall anymore my last foot and nail spa - definitely before I even got preggy. So my nails are now suffering. They look dull when unpolished like a person sick with anemia. If my nails could walk and talk, they'd probably sue me for negligence or deliberate abandonment.

I think the current schedule of The Hubby is a factor why we haven't been on a pampering spree regularly. The Hubby and I often go to salons together; him for a haircut and massage while I get a footspa and mani-pedi while waiting. Time together has become quite hard to catch as we can only go together on a weekend, but that weekend now are normally allotted as 'Quality Time with Kids'. Talking again about having the kids as first priority at all times, non-negotiable.

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I long for a trip to the salon or spa and have a body scrub, foot massage and have my nails done. But that seems all impossible now since I am  1.) very pregnant so massages are discouraged unless it's a maternity massage, whatever that is 2.) I can't imagine having a body scrub while 28 weeks on the way. I'd probably look like a whale shark on a table.

So the only consolation is that I can still do anything with my nails - clean, buff and polish with any color I fancy. The next question is with my schedule and commitment with the kids, how do I find time to pamper myself? Do I take them with me to the mall and let them play at Kids Republic while I get my much needed nail care? (Ha, look at my dilemma while the country is struggling with rising costs of commodities)!

Seems like the only option is home service but last time I had spa and at home pedicure, I was so dissatisfied with the attendants that I was tempted not to pay them. With all these home spa sprouting left and right like mushrooms, how do I choose which one gives good service? Most come cheap but how's the quality?

I guess the only solution is to try them out and let my toes become their guinea pigs.


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