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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Someone's Going on a Trip (and it's not Me)

Images of Brazil by Alex Uchoa

The Hubby is going to Brazil on a business trip this weekend and as early as last week, I am already both excited and worried. Excited because it's been a while since his last business trip and this is also his first travel after he took his new role at work. I am also worried because I am not the 'disciplinarian' at home and I am unsure how the kids will take it being 'daddy-less' for 2 weeks.

When it was just The Hubby and I, we welcome traveling for work like prize from a lottery. It's a chance to explore other countries without shelling out dollars from our own pocket (at least the airfare, hotel and food). However, when we became parents, sending The Hubby or I to a business trip meant carefully planning both our schedules, activities and the household.

I recall when Eone was still a baby; I traveled extensively - almost monthly and on 2 weeks stints. It was difficult because aside from the fact that I miss my child, I also take care of the household 'remotely'. All bills need to be settled before I leave, or if they are enrolled in online payment, then I must ensure they are paid on time. I have to do groceries good for the entire time that I'll be away because The Hubby wouldn't know what to get from the supermarket even if his life depends on it.

Anyway, I wonder when we will be able to travel together again - I mean, The Hubby and I, just the two of us. Our past vacations overseas and even locally were all with the children (plus nannies to keep us sane). We were actually planning a getaway in Bangkok but then I got preggy and we had to shelve the plan 'til this little angel I am about to deliver is at least half a year old (so we can leave the kids to my Mom to look after). I know The Hubby wants to go on luxury tours for years now, specifically Europe. Although he's been to The Netherlands, Germany and France before - he's always aspired to go back to Europe for a grand holiday, and it better be with me. And because I am a hopeless romantic, Eiffel Tower would be my first stop if I were to go Paris and I'll tell this to our France travel agent now, haha, (that is if I have one).

I sometimes wonder when he speaks of luxury tours, what does he really want? Does it mean staying in expensive hotels, dining at the best restaurants and of course visiting tourist spots? Maybe he meant traveling sans the group tours organized by travel agencies that leave travelers very little time for sight-seeing. Don't we all hate that? - being hurried to complete our photo sessions just so the group can proceed and take the tourist to a shopping mall? Bleh.

For me, traveling itself on a holiday is already a luxury - more like a privilege especially for parents like us whose world (and budget) practically revolves around the children. Actually, we have a trip to Palawan scheduled in June. It was supposed to happen last January but as mentioned earlier, we got blessed with another baby and I don't want to take that Underwater River cruise with a 24-week tummy. So moved to June it was. (Nope, we can't postpone any longer as our tickets from PAL expires June 2012). I don't know if that's good or bad because it means leaving behind my little Eana only at one month old. I hope I won't feel guilty as hell.

I will leave my worrying about that Palawan trip and for now focus on organizing The Hubby's things for his trip. Gotta help him with his packing - from listing down what he needs to bring to actually putting them in his luggage. Hah! Isn't he one hell of a lucky man? :)


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