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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eone Learns to Paint

While most couldn't even draw a straight line using Paint computer application, my daughter can create lovely drawings using it.

It's amazing how her little hand could control the mouse to create beautiful pictures of her favorite characters like Rapunzel (see picture below).

Not only can she draw, I love her eye for colors too. I love the way she'd customize her own set of colors before starting to draw as if she already has a picture in her mind of what to do.

At 5 years old, she's become so comfortable using Paint that she's now taking interest in Picassa photo editor (she watches me when I work with photos).

even her abstract work looks fab!

Aside from having another pair of hands to fight with time with the computer, we're happy she's got some artistic genes into her - something The Hubby and I didn't quite have. I barely passed my Drawing 101 back in Engineering! LOL

The only challenge we're having right now is how to quickly save her work before she starts a new one and close the window before saving. Ahh, I've got to teach her how to 'Save'.


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