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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

My Most Valuable Earrings

Eone's bad habit of rummaging through my closet and drawers brought to her the discovery of an old Hello Kitty jewelry box which contains my most loved set of jewelry and whatnots. Being nosy and all, she took fancy of a pair of earrings - the only pair sitting on a special holder and not stashed in a small zip lock plastic.

If I were to choose a jewelry that I value most, I would select this pair instantly. No, they are not expensive at all but the sentimental value is immeasurable. They were The Hubby's first ever gift to me when we were still dating and I know the money he used to buy this pair of earrings were from his allowance.

These flower earrings are made by Monet, an American brand of fashion jewelry so these are not real gold, ergo, I couldn't pawn them (why would I? haha) at all. I've worn them only a couple of times since I am allergic to plated or metal adornment but I've kept them securely and lovingly for years in the hope that someday I will have a daughter who would want to wear them.

I guess that 'someday' has finally come although I would rather that she wears them later when she's a teenager so the risks of losing them is smaller.

Note: After two hours she asked me to remove the earrings from her complaining that she's itchy. Haha! She's allergic to fashion jewelry (fakes) too like Mommy.


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