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Thursday, May 10, 2012


The Hubby and I both agreed to make home improvement our next project after I gave birth. The house is due for repainting (we do it every 2 years) as well as some minor renovations to keep tidy and decent looking in and out.

A small secret I have to share, our house have a name (as we treat our possessions like family, ergo, we name them). My mommy in law calls her Peachy because we have always had 'her' painted in various shades of peach. In fact, our house color is quite distinct and unique that it's so easy to give directions when we order for deliveries (well, aside from the little info that we are next door to the house of Toni Gonzaga). We just say 'It's the peach/pinkish house to the left' and hardly any delivery man miss it.

With 3 kids now at home, the activities are so robust that I wonder if the house could keep up. In fact, our white walls could tell the story of our first two children - what they've eaten by their tiny fingerprints and their favorite colors through left-over drawings we tried so hard to erase. Our fences still bear marks of various Christmas decorations and lights we have put up for the past 7 years and probably kept tab of the many occasions we have opened our gates to have additional garage space for parties and family gatherings. If our budget could still be stretched, I'd like to have our fences repainted to a different shade - it has always been Dark Red (Burnt Sienna?) and I wonder if painting it white could make a remarkable improvement on Peachy's color mix and match.

Peachy would be glad for sure that we are scheduling her beautification soon despite our recent surge of expenses like the 2nd birthday party we had for Enoe, the hospital bill when I gave birth to Eana and of course, Eone's school tuition fee this enrolment period. Well, the extent of work would have to be scheduled as it all depends on the health of our finances, but definitely the external paint job will have to be before December. We could start with the small details for now like window hinges, door locks, screen replacements, parquet floor repolishing among many others. (OMG, I didn't realize the list could go on and on and on hahaha!).

A house improvement is always worth the money, after all, Peachy will be providing shelter to another member of our family. Another pair of hands to 'decorate' her walls with colors and peanut-butter-smudged-fingerprints...


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