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Friday, April 27, 2012

Pizza for the Big Guys

People have a knack for anything of the extreme - the tiniest, thickest, thinnest and of course, biggest.

So it's no surprise humongous pizzas are now becoming popular. The first huge pizza I've tried is Jugno's Monster Pizza as a former colleague owns a branch in Makati. I thought they have the largest pizza in town until I saw a delivery guy in our office lobby struggling with a box of pizza that was so big someone else had to open the door for him.

Curiosity got over me (actually us - friends cum colleagues) and decided we ought to try this giant pizza too. We asked for a brochure and learned it's Big Guy's Pizza.

So here's how big it is -36 inches or 3 feet in diameter and approximately 70 slices.

There were 16 of us at the office and we were not able to finish everything. Well, I must admit it's the taste and not the size that caused the leftovers. The crust, although thin, somehow lacks the crunch and the pizza sauce/base is a bit bland.

Super Supreme pizza

Depends on the flavor, a 36" pizza costs Php1348. It's great for informal parties and family gatherings.


Unknown said...

Thank you for such an honest review. The world needs more people like you : )

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