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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Make Me Smile-y

If I were to use symbols for all the moods I had in the last 5 days, I would use up all the emoticons in Facebook, Skype and YM, not to mention all the keys on my keyboard. Heck, I'd probably need to download emoticons from the internet just to update my list.

See, it's been quite a roller coaster ride at work and at home that all I could muster was an emoticon to describe how my day went. I tell you, there was hardly a happy face =) or a huge dazzling grin *^_^*

First, both my little girl and toddler son were sick. Eone got fever on Sunday which made us scrap our plan for an out-of-town day trip. Come Monday, she's already fever free but we decided to make her skip school so she can rest. Then on Tuesday morning, I felt Enoe's warm skin before I went to work. I took his temperature and he's got fever too. Thankfully, he was well the following morning but to my dismay, Eone was running a fever again. Arrgggh! They're like playing fever pingpong and I hate it :-Z

And then there was work and the many things in between that just can't seem to wait; as if the world will end if I don't play Supergirl. Projects, meetings, admin work and the most awaited new office move are eating every minute of my executive time. And speaking of eating, I am annoyed that lunch for me the past couple of days was just a bowl of cornflakes taken in a hurry while checking my mails. Not that I mind eating in front of the computer, but I've always valued meal time as ME time - devoid of complicated thoughts such as work.

I know like the stock market, work has it's high and low, a peak and low season. Sadly, I am having the busiest, peak-est season ever! So busy that I could not even tweet that I am busy :-t

Good thing I have kids to go home to; three pairs of arms to hug me and three little lips to kiss me on the cheek  :-*  otherwise, I would go insane!


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