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Friday, June 01, 2012

Pata, Pata, Paano Ka Tumaba?

Barely a day after my C-section with Eana, The Hubby asked my OB if I could already undergo liposuction. Of course he was just kidding and we all laughed (while I mumbled between my teeth 'humanda ka sa akin pag bangon ko dito!')

I couldn't really blame The Hubby for wanting back my old body. I want it back too, but I just couldn't find the time and motivation to start shedding all these unwanted, post-maternity deposits that all went into wrong bank accounts (hips, thighs and tummy).

me, before I ate her. haha!

Back in college twenty pounds years ago, I wore medium-sized clothes. My waist line was a mere 25-inch and wearing tight jeans looked good on me. I don't know what happened but soon after I started working that I began gaining weight, a little here and little there, but fast forward to today, it now seem I have already eaten the old me, whole and unpeeled.

I recall when we were just newly weds, The Hubby wanted to encourage me to exercise by accompanying me to walking/strolling sessions. Excited by the activity, I wore my complete 'workout' outfit, like I was an athlete of sorts. We walked around the neighborhood and as far as our feet could take us. On our way back, we passed by stalls after stalls of food establishment and you guessed it right, we literally ate our way back.

I find it so hard to lose weight unless I take refuge to slimming pills or teas - those kind that make the toilet your best friend, hehe. The sauna is the only thing that entices me to go to the gym and aside from that, all visits ended in what seem like a comedy flick. Like how I stayed on the stationary bike for 1 whole hour, completely not moving (hey, I'm supposed to be stationary, right?!) and just watching a movie while drinking unlimited iced tea. On another visit, the nachos stall right outside the entrance of Fitness First won over the thread mill. See, there are more temptations in the gym than elsewhere.

So how do I lose weight when my love for food always prevail over the need to be slim? How do I reclaim my 25-inch waistline without surrendering chocolates, cakes and donuts? I probably need a magician (her name is Vicky Belo) or some sort of voodoo to instantly reduce me again to a size 6. I came across a book, The 4-Hour Body, by Timothy Ferriss and my mom said I need to buy and give it a try at least for the sake of my children. Whoa! Emotional blackmail, tsk, tsk.

Well, seriously, I really think it's time to bring back the old me - the one with a figure of an 8 and not a 0.  How will I do it? Hmm. Let me finish first this ice cream...


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