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Friday, June 15, 2012

Tax Me Not

I was able to claim Eana's birth certificate from the hospital the other day. I have been eagerly awaiting its release as I want to start processing The Hubby and I's documents to add her as our dependent, specifically in our social security, Philhealth and of course, tax exemptions. Although we still have to get the authenticated copy from both the City Hall and NSO, the hospital copy already has a confirmation number that Eana's birth has already been registered.

When Enoe was born, The Hubby didn't immediately process the required documents to add him as dependent and as a result, he failed to get the corresponding tax exemptions (and deductions). This really annoyed me from my toes to my split ends not only because the tax deducted from The Hubby's salary was quite hefty, but also due to the fact that we really don't see nor feel where our taxes are going.

I could rant for hours about the many inefficiencies in our government (mostly as a result of graft and corruption) but I bet everyone already knows them! Tax extension do not happen in our side of the world so I had to live with the fact that our government took more than what it should from our pot.

Since we tied the knot, I've have been tasked to oversee both my personal finance and that of our household so I am very conscious of what goes in and out. It's more than just the OC in me. Frankly, I don't enjoy looking at payslips and get slapped with how much tax has been taken from my pay. Neither do I rejoice reviewing my electricity bill and find out that I am actually paying Php1800 on VAT alone. Actually, I hate looking closely on all receipts because I know for certain there is a tax line somewhere. Come to think of it, we are being taxed with our every move so no one can blame me for wanting to ensure we get Eana listed as soon as possible as additional dependent. Heck, the difference may only just be a couple of hundreds if we're lucky and still isn't enough to buy a can of milk.

(Hmm, I should have mental note to remind me NOT to vote for Ralph Recto in the next election every election until he gets tired of running).


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