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Friday, July 13, 2012

Slide and Glide

I've been thinking of changing the layout of my blog as I want a more upbeat look. But unlike other bloggers who can whip an awesome web page layout with a magic wand, I struggle to come up even with a color scheme. I don't know if I lack imagination or the artist blood which is supposed to run in my veins (I have a grandpa who is a painter) got lost somewhere along the way and ended up in my bladder.

Anyway, a fellow blogger and good friend suggested that I switch to WordPress as it is easier to layout. Curious and eager, I checked various blogs that are on WordPress and turned green with envy. Some blogs already has a wordpress slider plugin which allows them to display beautiful photos and videos of their topics without flooding a whole page (and causing readers to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome with those endless page scroll down with the mouse). It's like a presentation of photographs in a PowerPoint slide show. If you still don't get what I am talking about, try viewing a set of photos in an album in Facebook and you'll see that I mean.

I want that plugin too!
I want to post a lot pictures when I write, especially if my blog is about my kids. Sometimes the photos can speak for themselves and I don't have to write anything at all. And definitely one photo is almost always not enough for a blog about that much awaited travel, or the baby's christening or first birthday.

I want, I want, I want! But how do I switch to WordPress? Can I move all my previous post there? Hmmm.

Shall I do the big leap? Yes? No?


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