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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Bully and Me

My little girl went home again with a bump on her head caused by her classmate, The Bully. I asked her what happened and she narrated that The Bully was shaking her roughly (she said they were playing), they lost their balance and fell. Eone hit her head on a chair.

acting scary :)

I would have just let it pass but it was The Bully who had hurt again my daughter. Although I am not the type of mother who would storm to the school holding a chainsaw, incidents like this should never be ignored. So, yes, I told Eone to tell her teachers about what happened. I also went to her school to talk to her teachers and the Assistant Principal (incidently, it was also Eone's birthday celebration in school).

The grannies, The Hubby and my sisters were more 'aggressive' when I told them the incident, especially that they know The Bully and Eone's history. They were surprised that I am taking it so calmly.

It's not that I am not upset with The Bully, but, I'd rather deal with the incident with a level head and let the school authorities handle the situation. I'd put myself in the shoes of his parents. Certainly, I would not be happy if another parent screams, reprimands or scolds my child. That's also tantamount to bullying.

Truth to be told, I am scared that the ghosts of my past are now coming back to haunt me and unfortunately, in the guise of The Bully at my daughter's school.

I confess I was very naughty when I was little. But I was just a child then - wicked and immature; a spoiled brat who thought she's the Goddess of Naughtyland. But now that I have grown up, I try to make amends by doing random acts of kindness to show that I am sorry for all the ridiculous, hideous, evil things I have done to my classmates and playmates.

To the child of our school janitor, please forgive me for hitting you with a wooden ruler while 'helping' you answer our seat work. I made you pee on your seat, but that's unintentional and just a consequence of you being scared of me.

To my 'favorite' classmates in elementary, forgive me for putting your names in the Noisy List even if you were not. Sorry for naming my troll dolls after you and for putting fangs on your pictures.

Sorry, my Darling Sister, for trimming your eyelashes after convincing you they will grow back longer and more curly. Remember you gave me permission so this was actually NOT entirely my fault.

To the poor cat that ended up with a burnt tail after I tied a thin cloth soaked in kerosene and lit it, I am now a pet lover as proof of my apologies. I take it that my Little Sister is the one making it up to you on by behalf by adopting every homeless kitten she sees on the street.

I pray, Dear God, that my children doesn't do the naughty things I did. And most of all, I pray that they won't have any classmates or playmates who are bullies.

I repent and promise to do charity work each year for as long as I live. Just please keep my children away from naughty, spoiled brats like me.



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