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Friday, August 31, 2012

Let's (Not) Drink To That

When I was on my way home the other day, I saw 2 men trying to cross the street while the lights are still green. A car slowed down and the driver shouted vindictive to the two daredevils but both just continued to walk painfully slow while holding onto each other's shoulder for support. Ah! These men were too drunk to even think of their dear life.

I hate that. Particularly, I hate seeing men who are too intoxicated to fend for themselves (although I do know a lot of men who cant fend for themselves even if they are perfectly normal, but let's save that for another blog). I cringe at the sight of men and most especially women who create a scene by being too happy, too dramatic or too violent when under the influence of alcohol. Throwing up in public or being dragged home by your hair aren't very appealing too, right?

I am not a drinker. The last time I drank beer was maybe two years ago and I am certain I didn't even finish half the bottle. Aside from the fact that I despise the taste of beer, it is the smell (of both the beverage and the drinker) that repulses me to my stomach.

Maybe it has something to do with my grandfather who was a certified alcohol dependent. There was not a day when he didn't drink except when he was already sick or almost at the brink of death. I recall when I was still small, my granny sometimes become too drunk to even make it to the urinal. Such a disgusting sight! But in my opinion that is not the worst part. Nothing could ever be more annoying than NOT remember what happened during your moment of weakness and stupidity to drink beyond your alcohol capacity. For me that is the part when tips at TheSobrietySolution  becomes handy or better yet, seek professional help.

I am very lucky to have found a husband who doesn't fancy alcohol too. He'd rather eat than indulge in cocktails, beer or any other alcoholic beverage. He does drink when there are social gatherings, but even during those times, he regulates his intake. Thank God, thank God! I don't have to worry about his liver health, and the smell of a drunk man sharing my bed.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chewing Their Way to Health

The kids are up for a pedia visit tomorrow, all three of them. I am already computing in my head how much I need to shell out for the vaccines and I feel my knees wobble. Expensive as hell but I am not going to compromise my children's health so the vaccines take center stage of my health care budget for this month.

I remember almost two years ago when we noticed a small blister on Eone's face. We had it checked only be surprised that she has chicken pox. She's got vaccines and in fact just got her booster shots a couple of months prior. Anyway, we were assured by the doctors that her chicken pox will be very very mild. And it was. She was fever-free all through out and had only about 10 blisters all over her body. No one could even tell that she's got chicken pox that time.

That event taught me two things: the importance of a vaccine and that vaccines are not a sure ball guarantee you won't catch the disease. It was both good and bad, but the positive surely outweighs the negative. I was told the body's natural resistance against diseases are dramatically increased with vitamins which helps vaccines do its work. So I wondered what was Eone and Enoe's vitamins during that time. Ah vitamin C! 

I am proud to say my children are well provided with vitamins. Picky eaters that they are, daily supplement of vitamins helps with their nutrition. However, getting them to take vitamins on the dot every single day has become a tiring charade. Not that they are dislike the taking the supplements, but rather the routine and taste make them lose interest.

I've been in the look out for chewables which I think will entice them into taking their daily dose eagerly. They are available in most health stores now and I just need more time browsing through the 'net for various brands like vitamins for kids from Smarty Pants that offer vitamins in gummy forms and carry appealing flavors.

Just now Eone is already prodding me to get her the gummies she saw online. When I get them these chewies, my next worry is probably how to limit their intake.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

We should just change house, you know?

Since my MIL (Mother in Law) arrived for a 2-week vacation, we've been visiting (shopping) in hardware, furniture shops, home improvement warehouses and appliance centers more than we have done in the last 12 months.

We've changed cabinets, cupboard doors, carpets, and lighting fixtures. Heck, even the innocent toilet in the bathroom at the ground floor suddenly found itself being pulled out and replaced (much to the amazement and gratefulness of our pet caretaker who became its instant owner) and that's only a fraction of what's actually planned.  We have yet to install the roman blinds, still waiting for the fully automatic washing machine from Hong Kong and the quote for the kitchen renovation. Those may be completed in the next couple of weeks which means I need to arm myself with plenty of patience and extra time to supervise because MIL is leaving in 2 days (and the kids will be back to their normal naughty ways without their grandma to discipline them).

We're having a lot of things replaced and improved even if there's nothing wrong with them that my six-year old daughter already made a comment, "We should just change house, you know". Smart little rascal, isn't she?

It's a stressful exercise, refurbishing or renovating, but I must admit I am having a great time especially that I am not the one spending, hehe, at least for the big ticket like the kitchen.

I plan to include the improvement of our little garden/lawn. It looks pathetic with it's patches of Bermuda grass, a mixture of flower plants and a fast-growing Money Tree. The Hubby and I are not very artistic so perhaps a contractor like InstallItDirect could do a terrific job in a blink. If the budget allows, we can throw in some new tiles or design for our pavement.

Can't wait for everything to be finished. I am excited especially with how the new kitchen will turn out. I'm going to post pictures of the designer's proposal when I get them.
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