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Monday, September 17, 2012

Bonoyaki: Avoid by all means!

It was supposed to be a despedida dinner for my mommy-in-law but it turned out to be a goodbye dinner for the restaurant we dined in as I vow to NEVER eat there again, even if it's for free.
Yakiniku-type  Japanese buffet are popular now in the Metro so we're trying them out one by one. We've been to Sambokojin with my in-laws when they went home last year and the meal turned out good despite the horrible waiting time. The next we tried (3x) was Yakimix which is the most popular in this type of buffet offering. On all times we dined at Yakimix (and at different branches), we went home with filled stomach and happy faces.
I've seen Bonoyaki almost a hundred times since we regularly pass by Libis area. To make the long story short, I suggested that we try it out that evening.
I was already disappointed upon entering the restaurant. It was pale and unattractive compared to the upbeat and festive decor of Yakimix. I thought I could forgive that because, well, Bonoyaki is a little cheaper. However, their rate maybe low but the meat for grilling are limited and for seafood, customers need to order from ala carte (so if we do the math, they are actually MORE expensive!).

At the cooked food station, there were hardly anything good to choose from. I could have found consolation that there's a Kalbijim (korean beef stew) but the chafing dish was almost empty. By the way, it's only 7:30 in the evening when we arrived.
I asked the server/s if they would still refill and they said 'in a while' but we're almost done with our grilling and still, the chafing dishes were left empty. So, I asked again in the best manner I could muster (and that's really a big effort). I was told to just inform the waiters what I want from the buffet so they could serve on our table.

At the salad station - there's no salad! Again, I asked why and was told there were many diners who came earlier and they've ran out of ingredients. WTF! They should have just closed their restaurant for the day!

It's hard to decide what's for dessert when there's NOTHING to choose from!

This is their PATHETIC dessert which they tried to hype up by putting in individual saucers. Puto at kutsinta, WTF!

Their logo and ad materials say "Premium Seafood Family Restaurant" but ironically they only sell prawns for grilling (additional price from the buffet) or diners can order tempura. My daughter ordered tempura and even at a tender age of 6, she knows how a tempura should look and taste like. Bono Yaki's tempura is one of the most disappointing tempura I've come across.

As with the prawn for grilling which I tried to order, well, I was told they don't have any good ones anymore. Well, at least they didn't want to dig their grave any deeper by selling rotten prawns to their customers.

They should rename their restaurant as Bono-Yucky!
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