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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review, review, zzzz....

I've been down with a terrible migraine and colds for the last 3 days. I stayed home on Monday and Tuesday but had to force my sorry butt to the office on yesterday as I am sure my pending tasks are not going to wait 'til I get well.
However, apart from work, there are other matters that slipped me during the last 3 days. Sadly, those are Eone's homework and quizzes. It's unacceptable and I am disappointed with myself that I did not check my daughter's handbook on Tuesday as I was practically asleep all day! Because of that, she missed bringing cut out pictures required for her performance test in Social Studies. This mommy needs some spanking! Good thing I am not embarrassed to write to the teacher, tell her the truth (that Mommy failed!) and request for a special exams.
When I was still in school, it was my Dad who assisted us with our assignments and reviewed with us for our exams, especially me as I also took up Engineering like him. He patiently tutored me in geometry, physics and brain-draining calculus. I could have not finished Engineering on time if not for my father's patience.
And so I want to do the same with my children. I want them to remember me as someone instrumental to their success in education, not just someone who paid for their tuition fees (because their father did :)). So from hereon until they are all grown up, from their nursery until their gmat prep, I wish to be there for them to guide and assist them - create practice quizzes, mock exams and review questions for each of them just like what a professional tutor will do.
But I wonder how long I will be able to manage juggling career, home-managing and motherhood. I dread the coming years when all three of them are in school because for sure homework and exams will come in threes. Either I quit my job to focus on just being a mom or get myself a clone. Which one is better?

I hope ten years from now, schools and universities are able to send exams reminders and updates to students (and parents too) just like VeritasPrep updates. It will be great receiving information, reminders and updates using social media like twitter or even Facebook. Heck, I know review groups now meet online and hold sessions via web...maybe, maybe then I can even tutor them while having my nails done at the salon.
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