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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oooops! Mommy Forgot My Homework!

We got Eone's report card for the second grading from her school last week. I was satisfied with the result, her general average being an A. She got an A in Math which made me happy as she only has a B in that subject from the previous grading period.
When my mom saw Eone's grades, she was happy too, but commented that had the little girl could have better grades had I been diligent in mentoring her with her homeworks and reviewing her before her mastery exams.
Although a bit annoyed with my mom's comment, I find a pinch of truth in it. The Hubby and I have been lenient with our first grader in terms of study habits. Probably because we find her to be very independent and studious even when she's a pre-schooler. But I realized that sooner or later we really need to focus on helping her with her studies especially after seeing her curriculum. Like in Math, I was stunned to see they are no studying fractions? Seriously? When I was a first grader, I think we only learned addition and subtraction!
Anyway, the problem now is how in the world will I manage work and mommy duties to three children and still find the much-need time to mentor Eone. As much as I want to wear a cape labelled as Supermom, I don't even have the extra time to wear buy a cape!
So now may be the right time to get Eone a tutor; someone who will religiously assist her with her homeworks and help her review for her quizzes and exams. I've actually asked around and got referred to private tutors with no company affiliation (or freelancers). To widen options, I also looked at various websites and found tutors everywhere, including New Jersey tutors. I guess it wouldn't hurt to go (and search) an extra mile - literally!
A friend from far way who is a busy mom like me advised that it's often better to hire someone from a tutoring house or company as they are more equipped with the tools to help your child with her school work. She talked about VarsityTutors as an example, which uses additional materials to help your child learn better. Normally these are books, worksheets, practice exams and guides and even visual tools for grade schoolers.
Well, now it's not anymore a question whether go get a tutor or not but simply whether to get a freelancer or from a tutoring company. I am sure the price will help us decide.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Show Me The Money

I came across a new daily show at ANC, On the Money, that tackles mostly finance management. Their topic that night was stock market trading with a very inspiring guest - a mother and housewife who makes a lot of money, way better than her previous day job, from stock market trading.

I used to monitor the stock market and have traded a few times. I did earn a few thousands but my hectic office schedule and constant traveling prevented me from regularly checking the health of my investments. It got to a point where I've completely forgotten I own shares of stocks and missed a great income opportunity.

So I stopped. In fact, it's been a couple of months since I last accessed my account at Citiseconline and I am seriously contemplating on going back to investing in stock market now that I am traveling less. I can do it online and the trading hours are only in the morning 'til lunch but I need to set a schedule, say 3 minutes every hour, so it doesn't interfere with work especially that my meetings are mostly in the morning.

I am sure there are techniques to be able to successfully trade stocks without giving up my day job and without sacrificing precious time allotted for my children. There's a couple of timothysykes videos I've watched and I must admit that they are somehow propelling me to try again. But before I start again, I'll do a quick review of our family budget and see how much we can use for stock trading. This involves risk and The Hubby and I both agree that we could only invest what we can afford to lose. For now I say only a little.

So...shall I start buying? Who's going to show me the money?
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