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Sunday, October 28, 2012

And the winner is...J.Co Donuts!

Gone are the  days when donut choices were only limited to sugar-coated, Bavarian filled or chocolate candy sprinkled. Now when we say donut, it is usually followed by a litany of varieties and flavors we never even thought could be made into a donut. (Well, it never crossed my mind that the chocolate Snickers could be a donut topping!)

I remember maybe around 9 years ago when Go-Nuts Donuts first came into the market, my good friend Lily would ask their company driver to buy donuts for us. The poor driver would fall in line for 2 hours before he could snag our boxes of freshly-baked donuts.

Then an American brand of 'doughnut' came to Manila and we had the same story of waiting in line for a donut. The commotion died down slowly over a period of around six months after every middle class Juan have tasted the latest craze that was Krispy Kreme.

Everything seems quiet for awhile in the donut arena until J.Co Donuts and Coffee arrived in Manila. J.Co is originally from Indonesia and boasts of unique donut flavours.

A few friends commented that J.Co is just another hype or fad similar to Krispy Kreme or even the most recent Magnum Ice Cream. But I am a certified donut lover so I actually don't care if this is just one of those fads or hypes.

The J.Co store closest to me is in Megamall so I trooped there to see for myself what's so special about this donut. As expected there were dozens of people waiting in line and from the way they look, I don't think anybody minds the queue.

I should say the queuing time of approximately 45 minutes on a weekday eve is already short. I have friends who reportedly waited for over an hour before they got to lay their hands on these delicious, colorful, melt-in-your-mouth babies. Honestly, I found the time quite useful for ogling the donuts and deciding which ones to include in my dozen (damn, I say ALL!).

Taste-wise, I like these better than Krispy Kreme. J.Co donuts are less sweeter than KK and the variety of flavors are just overwhelming. I also appreciate that the donuts are priced less if a customer buys by the dozen (each donut costs Php42, but a dozen is only Php350 or Php29.30 each).

If there's such a thing called Donut Wars, I'd give J.Co the upper hand.


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