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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Show Me The Money

I came across a new daily show at ANC, On the Money, that tackles mostly finance management. Their topic that night was stock market trading with a very inspiring guest - a mother and housewife who makes a lot of money, way better than her previous day job, from stock market trading.

I used to monitor the stock market and have traded a few times. I did earn a few thousands but my hectic office schedule and constant traveling prevented me from regularly checking the health of my investments. It got to a point where I've completely forgotten I own shares of stocks and missed a great income opportunity.

So I stopped. In fact, it's been a couple of months since I last accessed my account at Citiseconline and I am seriously contemplating on going back to investing in stock market now that I am traveling less. I can do it online and the trading hours are only in the morning 'til lunch but I need to set a schedule, say 3 minutes every hour, so it doesn't interfere with work especially that my meetings are mostly in the morning.

I am sure there are techniques to be able to successfully trade stocks without giving up my day job and without sacrificing precious time allotted for my children. There's a couple of timothysykes videos I've watched and I must admit that they are somehow propelling me to try again. But before I start again, I'll do a quick review of our family budget and see how much we can use for stock trading. This involves risk and The Hubby and I both agree that we could only invest what we can afford to lose. For now I say only a little.

So...shall I start buying? Who's going to show me the money?


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