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Monday, January 07, 2013

My Secret Love Affair with the Bee Gees

Can anyone guess who's my favorite band or music group? Or what is my favorite song? I bet even my closest friends would probably throw in a wrong name.

I was born in the mid 70's and grew up listening to Madonna. For a period of time I went gaga over The New Kids On the Block, kind'a liked Tiffany and followed Debbie Gibson. Aside from those, very few friends and relatives know that I have an old soul when it comes to music; a knack for the 70's and a secret love for the band called Bee Gees.

Don't laugh. Bee Gees is one of the greatest band of the century, with millions of records sold throughout their career.  Who cares if they are old and have been whipping songs after songs years before I was even born? I adore them - their songs and their story.

Truth to be told, aside from the soothing yet catchy melodies and lyrics that are easy to get stuck in someone's head, Bee Gees songs remind me so much of my Dad. I will never forget the day he introduced me to Barry, Robin and Maurice. We arrived in Jeddah for our usual school break visit and Dad immediately popped in a tape in our betamax. He said it's a concert of the Bee Gees, to which I frowned and asked, 'The what?? What kind of band would name themselves Bee Gees?'. He laughed lightly and told me, 'Basta manuod ka lang' (Just watch it).

I am glad I did watch (it was their 1989 One For All Tour in Melbourne) because after that day, I became a fan. A fan not only of the Bee Gees but of my Dad's taste in music. From then on I listened to his music, borrowed his tapes, learned the life of the people behind the voices. Before the end of our vacation in Jeddah, we have bought several tapes and videos of Bee Gees albums and concerts. I got hooked to Too Much Heaven, Words, How Deep Is Your Love, To Love Somebody and many other hit songs.

To this date one of my biggest regrets was I didn't take the opportunity to watch their One Night Only concert in Manila. I am still annoyed at myself that I didn't scramble to my feet to get a ticket the same way I did for NKOTB. Well, I guess it was because no classmate or friend wanted to watch the Bee Gees with me.

Now whenever I miss my Dad and feel sad, I'd look for Bee Gees songs. Just like magic, I am transported back to our good old Jeddah days when it's just US - no maids, no driver, no TV, no other hobbies except watching concerts and movies in our little betamax (umm, well, aside from shopping). We didn't have many friends except for the kids of my Dad's colleagues. Those were the days when life was simple yet grand. Those were the days when every single moment was spent with my Dad.

I miss my Daddy so much so I am playing Bee Gees songs today nonstop starting with Daddy's (and mine too) favorite.


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