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Friday, February 08, 2013

Love at First Wash

When people ask me what I like most about Japan, I'd say the orderliness of the place, the Japanese attention to details, their ultra modern technology, and the FOOD (who doesn't LOVE Japanese food?).

Then I will add towards the end of my litany, "Oh, the toilets. I absolutely adore the toilet seats.".

Really, their toilets had me the moment my butt first laid on them. Hahaha. Call that love at first wash! I was very impressed with the toilet but thought maybe since I am at the 6-star Mandarin Oriental Tokyo it's only that hotel that has those kinds of toilets.

It didn't take long before I was proven wrong. ALL toilets are fitted with an electronic bidet seat that has a temperature control (yes, it warms up during winter so your bum-bum wont freeze!), adjustable water pressure and nozzles that moves, you know, if you want that water from a certain angle? If you still can't picture what I am talking about, try browsing BidetKing reviews. Make sure you can try to stop your jaws from dropping.

(thanks for the photo)
I want one at home but I honestly haven't seen one here. In fact, I've been to other countries but have not seen any electronic bidets like those in Japan. Then someone whispered to me that electronic bidets are already available in other countries (US, Australia etc), although not as widely used or as popular. I haven't been to the US that's why I haven't seen other bidets like those from BidetKing. (Mental note to self: find out how much is the shipping cost).
The Hubby, whose been dreaming of a bigger house, wants one of those too! I think he too, fell in love at first wash (sorry, no better term, eeww in love with a toilet!) .


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