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Sunday, February 10, 2013

MomGyver and the Letter Pancakes

It's one of those weekends when I want to do something special for the kids. Normally, I'd cook a really nice lunch, or take them to McDonald's for breakfast. However, for this particular Saturday I thought I'd do something that would really amuse the kids, especially Eone.

So I made pancakes! And not ordinary pancakes at that. I made letter pancakes to spell out my little girl's name. Then for my 3-yr old, I made various shapes (but even I could not even tell what those shapes are).

You bet she loved it! In fact she wants me to cook more and spell her full name. OMG! Thankfully, my son was just content with the shapeless pancakes as long as I put lots of chocolate syrup.
For mommies out there who wants to try, simply buy a hotcake mix from the grocery. The only difficult part was getting the letters done especially if you don't have a pattern (like me). In fact, it took me 5 failed pancakes before I managed to make a readable 'e'.
I am going to try again maybe one weekend and use a ketchup bottle or some sort of dispenser to make it easier in forming the letters and shapes.
Meantime, I am happy with my output nonetheless. My kids adore me today like I'm their personal Santa. :)


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