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Friday, February 15, 2013

You'll Find Them When You're Not Looking

If there is one thing I love about general cleaning it is that moment when you find something lost for a very long time. It could be ring I thought someone have stolen, a worn-out wallet with crisp Php100 note inside, or that diary I kept before blogging came to the world. More often than not, I find treasures (not for their monetary but for their sentimental value).

So what have I found this time?

I've unearthed a very very long necklace made of plastic beads, a pair of blue capiz earrings, a fancy bracelet which I think was a gift from someone when I was still working in a hotel, a red rubber tie for my hair, a gift card, The Hubby's old watch and a cellphone charm.

Let's take a closer look at some of my finds, particularly those that made me gush in delight when I saw them..
Look at this cellphone bling bling that spells out my name :) I can't remember where I bought this or when. Honestly, I didn't even know this exist! Well, I've now attached it to my tote bag so I forget it again.

And then there's the gift card from my parents. The sentimental in me also attached the tag of the watch they gave me that Christmas of Year 2000. The watch, a Pierre Cardin, was lost during that unfortunate taxi hijacking incident. Anyway, I am happy I've kept the card which is now very special as it has my Dad's beautiful handwriting.

And last but definitely not the least was this watch from Trend Micro, the company where The Hubby has been working for over a decade already. I am not sure when this was given to him but I am pretty certain it was over 7-8 years ago.

At the back is The Hubby's name which makes it very special, and I bet all those rewarded with this watch had their names engraved too. I wonder who else in Trend Micro kept his/her watch...

There you go, my great discoveries from this clean up. I'm raring to get to the upper cabinets or closet this weekend. I bet there will be many "ohs and wows". Gotta get the ladder ready tomorrow.


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