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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Green Tea Kit Kat!

A few years ago, The Hubby brought home a small pack of Kit Kat in green wrapper. It was from a colleague who just came from a trip to Japan. I asked Little Sister (who can read Japanese) to translate the label and found it to be a Wasabi Kit Kat! From then on I've been on a constant hunt for a unique Kit Kat flavor.

So it was a delight when my good friend Edwin brought home for me this Green Tea Kit Kat when he went to Tokyo a month ago.

The sweetness of the chocolate overshadows the slight bitterness of the green tea. For me it's great to go with coffee. I like this better than Wasabi.
My intensive Google search revealed that there are already over 200 hundred flavors! Wow! I want to find all of them. I want to try Kit Kat Soy Sauce and the slightly bizarre Kit Kat Grilled Corn flavor. Seriously? Yes!
Anyone going to The Land of the Rising Sun soon? Please let me know :)


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