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Friday, March 01, 2013

Goodbye Terrible Twos, Hello Terrifying Threes

My little boy turned three last Friday. It marked his graduation from the Terrible Twos and boy, am I very happy!

When he turned two, he was transformed from a meek and quiet boy into a rambuctious, frisky and naughty mini-spider man. He started climbing anything he could - our dining table, sofa, the windows, cabinets and even the railing of our stairs. Jumping also became his favorite sports and our beds are taking a beating.

Then he discovered the technology called Tablet and have never stopped playing games since which is somehow good because it made him settle down and gave the house some quiet time.

Exactly a week now after his birthday, it seems he is more active and more curious. I think I'd better put termporary cover to our power outlets and sockets, unplug the shower heater and padlock the gate.
Terrible Twos is over and we are coming into a new phase I could fearlessly forecast as Terrifying Threes. I am welcoming it with more love and heaps of patience anyway.
Happy 3rd Birthday, my darling Buboy!


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