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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

I want you to burn!

I have big plans for my blog this year. I feel like it's time to take it to new level and start putting more videos, be more creative and make it more juicy The challenge is I am not fond of videos, probably because I need to edit them to make them worthy and that takes a lot of time.

When we had our annual party at the office, I put together in a video of the highlights of the party and sent to our boss/headquarters in Australia. I tried various video editing software in order to get the job done (basically downloaded free or trial software so I can try first which one is suitable for a non-techie like me. Boy, I had a difficult time getting it done as compared to just editing photos in Picasa!

Here's the outcome. Although I am somehow satisfied with it, I wish I could do it better next time.

Now the next (and easier?) step is to save the video in a good format and media. I needed to send the videos (including the raw files) to a few people so a  CD or DVD copy is a must. I also don't want to waste my work by losing the file so I got old fashioned and burned them in DVD. And there's where another road block came. I didn't know how to 'burn'! I thought I'd be stuck but thankfully I found a burning software from Cyberlink.

Speaking of burn, it's a weird term don't you think? Burn can be a means to destroy but in computer terms, burning is a process of saving. Twenty years ago, the word 'burn' was associated with fire. If someone comes to my mom and asks her, "Can you burn these for me?, she'd probably get a match from the kitchen.

I like burning (but not of things). I take comfort in the idea that I have copied of my children's photos, my travels and special occasions tucked neatly somewhere. And now that I've discovered a great tool to help me, editing videos, saving and burning them will be as easy making fire (with the use of a match).


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