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Monday, March 18, 2013

MomGyver and the Leafy Headdress

I got the notice from Eone's school about their costume for their culminating program only a week before the event. I was busy preparing for my son Enoe's birthday party that I had to put aside Eone's costume.

Three days before the event she reminded me that she didnt have any headdress yet while pressing into my hands a sample photo of a girl wearing a headdress made of leaves. So taranta moment na naman. I quickly asked my mom to buy me the materials from Divi or even from our nearby market with specific instructions to get me floral wires and a leafy plastic plant. I was planning something like a leaf crown in Greek mythologies.

Something like this:

When my mom came back from her Divi trip, she delivered to my office the materials and I almost fell off my seat when I saw them, especially the leaves.
It was not what I want! It turned out Mommy's idea was to use the string 'leaves' but I inspected the material and they are actually flowers. Anyway, a desperate mom can improvise.
Also instead of floral wires, Mommy got green twist ties. Hahaha! OMG. What to do, right? So to be able to work with them, I braided the wires and put 2 braids together to make a thick headband.

After that, I dismantled the green flowers and tied them around the braided wires to make it look like leaves. I didnt have enough green flowers to complete the whole headdress so I put the long thin leaves around the to give it a fuller look.

When I finished the headdress, Eone was very excited and happy. She exclaimed, "It looks great, Mom! You're the best!". It made me want to make a dozen more!

On the day of their culminating program at school, I was very happy to see my daughter proudly wearing her leafy headdress. She knew hers was unique and pretty and a product of her mom's love and patience...
Another creation of her one and only MomGyver.


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