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Monday, March 11, 2013

Wash and Drive Automated Car Wash

When I was a kid, I was very amused to see in the movies cars going through a passage way and emerging clean and shiny. As a child, anything automatic or robotic is something we associate high-tech, magic, and the rich and famous . Needless to say that I've always wanted to go through an automated car wash and enjoy the process while inside my car. Yeah, you can call me silly.

So imagine my delight when I saw a sign 'Wash N Drive' at the entrance of Village East Executive Homes along Felix Avenue in Cainta. I thought it's just an ordinary car wash establishment but when I saw the drive through set up, I knew it was an automated car wash.
I didn't tell The Hubby my discovery until yesterday when we had to have the SUV cleaned in a jiffy. Of course, we are suckers for anything new, fad or novelty.
Okay, so the assistant asked The Hubby to position the vehicle to their designated mark on the floor. After which, they immediately taped all the wipers, folded the side mirrors and asked us to lock the windows.
I reminded The Hubby twice about the window locks as we were with Eone and Enoe who both might get too excited (or scared) and open the windows accidentally.
We chose the AI Coating Wash as according to the technician, it can remove light scratches and the coat will make the rain water glide/slide smoothly off the paint. For a fee of Php180, it's quite expensive but it comes with free vacuum and tire black.
The entire process takes about 4 minutes, add another 15 minutes for drying and vacuum cleaning. Here's our video which I find funny because our daughter can't hide her amusement.
For the quality of the cleaning, I'd say manual cleaning is still better. After all, they also had to wipe the car dry so it shines like how they say it would.
It's hard to say if we're happy with whole experience. For one, the kids LOVED it. Were you able to count how many times my daughter exclaimed, "This is the coolest thing ever!!"? They enjoyed it like it was a ride at a carnival.
I'd say this might be worth a try just for the experience. If you have kids, they'd definitely love it.


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