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Thursday, April 11, 2013

MoMo Cafe Eastwood City - Finally!

We've been to Eastwood City over a thousand times (especially since The Hubby worked in Eastwood for nearly 10 years) and have passed by MoMo Café in countless occasions. It's always one of the restos we list down when trying to decide where to dine on certain celebrations and gatherings, yet we've never picked it for some reasons.
Anyway, this one fine night when The Hubby and I managed to sneak from our kids and go out on a date (just the two of us, yehey!!!), we decided we'd try MoMo Cafe.
We were offered complimentary bread with cheese pimiento spread while waiting for our orders to be served. The very tasty spread is made from kesong puti (fresh white cheese) and pimiento (cherry pepper).
Our meal started with Herbed Pumpkin Cream and Bacon Bits soup. The serving is just for one but since I am not fond of soups, I just shared a few spoons as we didn't want to order another serving. The soup is thick and the taste of pumpkin is really prominent. For the price of Php150, I find the serving too small.
Herbed Pumpkin Cream and Bacon Bits soup, Php150
The Hubby ordered the MoMo Gourmet Salad which was recommended by the waiter. It's a combination of lettuce, tomatoes, sliced boiled egg, orange slices, grapes, candied walnut (I only saw one piece) and croutons topped with raspberry balsamic vinegar dressing. Allowing the waiter to pour the dressing for us was a big mistake as the dressing was too sweet (fruity) for my palate. The Hubby and I shared the salad but I couldn't even finish my portion as I already felt nauseous before I could eat half of what's on my plate. Nakakaumay to the max! Next time, I'll have the dressing served on the side instead. 
MoMo Gourmet, Php295
For the main course, the waiter suggested dishes from their House Specialties list which are all good for sharing. Nevertheless, I suggested we ordered 2 different dishes to try. The Hubby is a huge eater and maybe the 'to share dish' may just be enough for him. 
The Hubby had Baked Fish Enchilada which is 4 pieces of  Cajun-spiced fish, rice and red beans wrapped in tortilla and topped with Mornay sauce. This dish looks plain and light from the plate but it's actually very filling. I find the fish inside the tortilla a tad small though; I was already halfway through the enchilada before I finally found fish.
Baked Fish Enchilada, Php325

My order was Smokey Burnt BBQ "Beans & Franks" which is according to their menu description is a frankfurter, 2 kinds of beans, double smoked bacon party rice and coleslaw. I really liked the cup of beans which were also topped with melted cheese. The franks was grilled to juicy perfection and went perfectly with the party rice. However, I have to ask, "where is the double smoked bacon?". Really, I didn't find bacon in the dish, not even the taste of it. Did they forget? And by the way, this is NOT for sharing unless toddlers are eating.

Smokey Burnt BBQ "Beans & Franks", Php295
We didn't have room for dessert (and I also want to eat dessert somewhere else) so we just finished the drinks we ordered. Dalandan Iced Tea shake and Iced Coffee for me (because no one can make me drink hot coffee).
When we received our change upon paying the bill, I was pleasantly surprised to get 2 pieces of ChocNut (my favorite so The Hubby didn't get his). Although I find the gesture cute, I wonder would it be better to give imported mints? ChocNut  and the restaurant theme of MoMo just doesn't seem to match. ChocNut is so Pinoy while there's nothing Pinoy in MoMo's dishes or it's restaurant interiors.

Anyway it's a good dining experience especially since it's my first time to try the restaurant and it's been a long time since The Hubby and I had a quiet dinner together. Next time we dine we'll try the pizza and pasta dishes.


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