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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Is it cool at Ramen Cool Kapitolyo?

Joining the ramen bandwagon is Ramen Cool, one of many promising restaurants and cafes in Kapitolyo, Pasig where food establishments are mushrooming. This neighborhood food hub is strategically located along East Capitol Drive corner West Capitol Drive and with a few parking slots in front.

I came specially to try their Ramen as I want to find one that could compare to Ramen Bar. Hence, I ordered the same one I always order at Ramen Bar which is the Pork Shio Ramen.

Pork Shio Ramen  Php160
The ramen was okay but definitely not better than that of Ramen Bar. I was expecting the pork to have the melt-in-your-mouth tenderness but I found it tough as if I can eat it as ulam. The portioning is just right for sharing (by two kids).

I love their stainless soup spoon!
I was also craving for some rice and sashimi so I decided to have the Salmondon. It's salmon sashimi on top of gohan (plain rice). There's really nothing to rave about this dish as there was absolutely no cooking involved but I must point out how the salmon have a smooth texture, natural tenderness and generously sliced.
Salmondon Php195
My daughter ordered Ebi Tempura which I was able to 'inspect' closely because she eats very slow and removes the crumbs to eat it separately. In fairness, the shrimps are  fairly-sized (meaning not small and cut into half lengthwise so there's 2 pieces of tempura out of 1 shrimp) and was cooked to crisp tempura perfection.

As expected, The Hubby ordered his favorite gyoza and being the gyoza expert I asked him how it fared to his taste buds. He said just OK. Don't you hate that? When you ask someone for his opinion and he simply says, 'Just OK'? It doesn't really tell me anything so I would say maybe it taste just like any gyoza and there's really nothing outstanding about it.

Gyoza 5pcs @ Php115 and Salmon Sashimi Php195

We also ordered salmon sashimi which I liked because they were sliced just right (not too thin) that you don't feel you are being robbed for the price that you pay. I also appreciate the way the sashimi was served on top of carrot strips instead of just plain banana leaf like what most Japanese restaurants do.

Overall, we think Ramen Cool is not that cool but for sure they have dishes that would be worth coming back for. In the meantime, Ramen Cool should be okay for quick meals or if you are craving for Japanese food but doesn't want to explore other restos.


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