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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mang Larry's Isawan at UP Campus (natikman din sa wakas!)

I first heard of Mang Larry's Isawan in Balitang K. The highlight of the story was not actually Mang Larry's delicious barbeques but the success story of how he was able to send all his kids to college only by selling his grilled goodies.

Anyone can see even from afar how popular Mang Larry's Isawan has become. It was drizzling when we got to the open space in UP where his small stall is located but there were still many cars parked and a long queue of people waiting for their orders.

The selection is straightforward and simple that anyone who frequents his food stall could easily memorize his products and their respective prices.

Balunbalunan - Php6 each
Special Isaw Pork - Php6 each
Pork Barbeque - Php10 each
Atay/Liver - Php6 each
Bochi - Php6 each
Isaw Manok - Php3 each
Isaw Baboy - Php6 each
Goto - Php6 each

We ordered 4 of each kind except for Isaw Manok. We devoured 10 of them!
Honestly, there is nothing extra ordinary or special with the taste of their isaw or any of their grilled food except that for the cheap price compared to other ihawan in the area. But I think what set Mang Larry's Isawan ahead is that his stall looks clean and his vendors doesn't look gusgusin. I also like how he puts the barbeques behind a covered display glass (escaparate) to keep the bull flies and dust away.
His special sauces (variety of Regular and Spicy) are placed in huge plastic container jugs "self-service" style. His vendors will hand you the grilled isaw in a brown bag which helps absorb the oil and you can take care of your own sauce.
The Hubby and I would definitely go back to Mang Larry's next time we crave for isaw and anything grilled. We like the picnic ambience and how we can simply park and open the back our SUV for an instant shelter from either heat or rain.
Mang Larry's Isawan is located in Ma.Guerrero Street, near UP College of Law. If lost, just ask anyone in the campus and they will point you to the right direction. Everybody knows Mang Larry's Isawan, that's for sure.


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