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Friday, February 07, 2014

Kikay Friday: NYC's Smooch Proof 16H Lip Stain

I got my first lip stain (actually 2!) from my good friend (Redjuelle) who is based in New York sometime last year but I used it only the other day as I am getting tired of alternating my matte-finish Chili by MAC and long last-finish in All Heart shade by Clinique.

It's my first time to own and use New York Color (NYC) cosmetics so I had to read up about it before using their products. Judging from their products online, they are more hip, chic and vibrant in colors - the sort of shades that New Yorkers would use. If you are the type who likes to stick to the classics, old-fashioned make up where pink is pale and the only variation of red is either deep red or hot red, then NYC is not for you.
I fell in love with NYC's lip stain as soon as I started applying the first coat. It feels like I am not wearing anything on my lips at all! My lips looked naturally tinted too because of the matte finish. It didn't leave any lipstick mark on my coffee mug and didn't rub off when I kiss my toddler.

The only negative comment I can say is it didn't last up to 16 hours. I had to retouch after around 5 hours (and to think I hardly drink when I am in the office).

I checked NYC's website and discovered that these lip stains retail for $4.99. That's roughly Php230. Reasonable and affordable!
Note: Do not confuse NYC cosmetics with NYX (which is available in Philippines). They are not the same :)


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