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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Throw Back Thursday: Noisy

Dear Daddy

I don't know if you keep track of time up there in heaven. Probably not since you're there for eternity anyway.
Well, today is Thursday and there is a trend online called Throwback Thursday or TBT. It's basically a day in the week where netizens (that's what internet savvies call themselves now, Dad) post photos of them from long time ago. Most post pictures of them when they were babies but I haven't done that. The Hubby said my baby pictures are better kept in the cabinet; you lock them there and throw away the keys. Silly, wasn't he? I know you told me I was a cute baby!
Anyway, the key is to post photos that would help you and those in the photos reminisce about the past, have a laugh or two at how thin (or fat) they once were and drown in nostalgia. I prefer posting anything about the past including letters, gifts, old essays and stories I've written, funny conversations I had with friends and many more.
Best of all, I don't plan what I post like it's a school project where I have to search for old photos every Wednesday and make sure they're posted the following day at 7am sharp. I let it happen. I find something and I post it. Heck, sometimes I don't even wait for Thursday.
So why am I telling you all these? Well, I am going to do a #TBT today with you in it. As we were browsing through old letters we sent you as kids when you were in Jeddah, I came across a really good one. It made me realize nothing much have changed in me. Mataray pa din.

"Alam mo Daddy pag nalilista ako ng noisy minsan hindi naman ako nag dadaldal. Manghiram ka lang ng eraser, lista agad. Edi naiinis ako, tumataas na naman ang kilay ko. Ang ginawa ko pinandilatan ko ng mata si Ms. President tapos sumigaw ako, "Bakit mo ako nilista ha?!" Eh hindi pa tapos yung sinasabi ko bigla akong binura. Natakot siguro. Kaya tuwing malilista ako, isang tingin ko lang oka na. Erase agad."
Reading this letter where I was telling you my escapades as the 'terror girl' in school made me laugh. I have forgotten already that I was *this* wicked when I was young.
I imagine you shaking your head, your lips forming a wide grin as you read my you feel nostalgic now, Daddy?
I do.
I miss you.
Your Kikay


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