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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mad About Loyalty Cards: Shopwise Wise Card

Most large and popular department stores and supermarkets have loyalty programs. It's a marketing strategy geared to ensure that customers keep coming back (and away from competitors). In return, customers are rewarded for their loyalty through points which shoppers need to accumulate and exchange for either gift certificates or cash credits. And who doesn't like cash credits? Certainly not I!

My husband has started calling me "loyalty card junkie" which I don't mind at all. My mindset for making sure I get rewarded for every penny I spend is to think of rebates/rewards as a way of earning something without being taxed. We all abhor how anything that lands in our pocket gets slashed by the tax bureau, right? I particularly hate that even the meager interest our money earns at the bank gets hacked a 20% tax. So by earning rewards or rebates I get extra funds with absolutely no deduction from the BIR. 

Having made the confession that I am mad about loyalty cards, anyone can pretty much assume that I have literally all the loyalty cards or membership program out there: SM Advantage, Robinsons Value Plus Card, Mercury's Suki Card, Laking National (Bookstore), Petron Value Card, Mabuhay Miles, Happy Plus, 7-Eleven Rewards, and many more. But do you wanna know my favorite of all? It's the Shopwise Wise Card.

Wise Card allows shoppers to earn points from any Shopwise branches as well as Rustan's Supermarket (even though Rustan's also have their Fresh Card which is their own loyalty card). In my opinion, earning points is easiest with Wise Card compared to other loyalty rewards program as they give 1 point for every peso (PHP) spent. Members can exchange every 10,000 points for Php100.00. Simply put, members earn Php1.00 for every Php100.00 spent.

Membership is also free if customers can present an accumulated receipts worth Php5,000 (within 3 months) but for those who can't, instant membership can be obtained for Php200 fee.

Shopwise also has various promotions every month for Wise Card holders, the most popular of which is the First Wednesday of the Month promo where members earn x10 points. If we do the math, that's equivalent to 10% discount (only it's converted to points).

To give a glimpse of how much points or rebates I have earned since I became a Wise Card member, here's the proof:

Since I became a member in 2005, I have earned a total of over 1.6M points! OMG, 1 point = 1 peso so that means I've spent Php1.6M at Shopwise and Rustan's combined. Well, maybe less as there were times that I was able to avail of the First Wednesday of the Month promo and earned x10 points.

So yes, in a span of 9 years I have redeemed more than Php15,000 worth of GC, and I still have Php800 still left for claiming. Not bad, right? especially that I don't shop exclusively at Shopwise as it's relatively far from our home compared to Robinsons and SM. 

I may be a loyalty card junkie, but this junkie is a wise one :)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Petron Value Card, Absolutely a MUST Have!

Any driver or car owner who still doesn't have a Petron Value Card (PVC) need to wake up from slumber and head to the nearest Petron station.
Apart from the 1 point (equivalent to Php1.00 rebate) for every Php250 fuel purchase, members also get free towing service, accident insurance, discount and freebies.
It's so easy to accumulate points because aside from the usual 1 point per Php250, Petron comes up with promotions for limited period to earn additional points. The most recent one which ended on 5th March allowed members to earn additional 10 points (or Php10) for a minimum gas up of Php500. In a span of 4 months since we joined PVC, The Hubby and I have earned a total of almost Php400 for our diesel purchases (for gas for our sedan, we go to Shell).
I also like how I can convert my points to Mabuhay Miles and vice versa. In fact I think it's more practical for members of Mabuhay Miles to convert their miles to PVC points because you don't need to pay anything extra anymore compared to using miles for travel and still having to pay for taxes, fuel surcharge and other fees.
They also came up with a cool and useful mobile app for Android and iOs users. With the PVC mobile app, members can check their points, find the nearest Petron stations, and have a handy reference list of restaurants, hotel and shops for discounts and freebies.
Petron Value Card is fully loaded with amazing benefits! (Is it very obvious that I am a fan?)
For more information on Petron Value Card, visit their website.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Manila Wings ( Burgers, Wings, Shakes)

Another unexpected but awesome dining discovery by The Hubby and myself is Manila Wings. It's a small burger joint along Imelda Avenue in Cainta, Rizal that serves comfort food and beer partners like chicken wings (hence the name), burgers, nachos and sausages.

The store has limited capacity; if my estimate is right, it could only accommodate only 3 groups of 4-5 people inside. Then there are tables outside which are usually occupied by diners who drink and smoke.

I ordered Nachos which I find really a great deal at Php125.  There's so much beef toppings that we've already finished all the chips and we had to spoon the beef toppings left on the plate. Ganun kadami! I wish they'd add more cheese instead. Overall, it's superb!


The Hubby ordered the largest burger they have which is Manila Kingpin Burger. Sounds scary, huh? Well, it quite is. I was scared The Hubby would tear the corners of his mouth if he tried to bite into this burger without pressing it down.

They obviously didn't scrimp on the ingredients. The Hubby said the burger is good but Bully Boy of Army Navy tastes better. Take my advice, this is best eaten with a fork and a knife as the burger is too tall for a human mouth. Also, the ranch dressing tend to drip.

Of course we didn't want to miss the house specialty which is chicken wings and that's what I ordered. I initially wanted to try Sili Wings but I chickened out (pun intended) as it might be too spicy for my taste buds. Instead, I got the Honey Garlic which the server mentioned as one of their best sellers.

Sorry, I didn't have photos of the chicken wings (I got a very blurry one that is not worthy of posting). Six pieces of wings of any flavor costs Php155. In my opinion, it is priced quite just right considering 6 pieces is actually just 3 whole wings.

The honey garlic wings are just okay; not something I would come back for but it's good. I also like that they provide disposable/plastic gloves so you can use your hands to enjoy the chicken.

We had a very good meal here. It's not too expensive for the feast we had and the ambiance was friendly and laid back. I just hope they improve on their stock management because a few of the dishes we wanted to order are unavailable due to lack of ingredients (I wanted to try their shakes but they ran out of ice cream).
Manila Wings (Burgers, Wings, Shakes)
Unit B-3, The Avenue
Felix Avenue, Cainta, Rizal
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